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Experience incredible automotive paint protection with Michigan Tinting’s range of high-quality ceramic coatings. Designed to withstand the demanding Michigan climate, these coatings provide an exceptional defense against UV rays, environmental contaminants, and scratches. With their hydrophobic properties, they repel water and dirt, keeping your vehicle looking sleek and pristine. Trust our professional team to apply these cutting-edge ceramic coatings, enhancing the longevity and aesthetics of your vehicle. Elevate your car’s style and stay protected on the road with one of our premium ceramic car coating options: Revivify and XPEL Fusion PLUS ceramic coatings.


Michigan Tinting Ceramic Car Coatings

While the ceramic coating product used is important, the way it is applied is equally crucial. Not all ceramic coating applications are equal. Our experienced and certified professionals ensure that the job is done meticulously, paying attention to every detail, and ensuring a superior quality ceramic coating application. Our expertise and skills garnered over the years are irreplaceable, and we put these to work to bring out the best in your vehicle.

High quality paint protection & ceramic coatings

Michigan Tinting & Protective Films provides comprehensive paint protection services that cater to all vehicle makes and models. A ceramic coating provides a sacrificial barrier to the surface to which it is applied and can keep a vehicle showroom shiny for several years. Ceramic coatings can be applied to paint, glass, wheels, and plastics and act as a water and grime-repellent that makes the need to wash your car less frequent. Ready to give your car the layer of protection and shine it deserves? Contact Michigan Tinting for pricing and scheduling. 

Stealth Paint Protection Film Tesla Model Y



Revivify’s extraordinary ceramic coating is uniquely designed to offer a single, thick layer of exceptional protection.  Unlike traditional ceramic coatings known for their hardness, Revivify sets new industry standards as a soft coating, and functions as a liquid paint protection film, possessing unmatched defensive capabilities, UV protection, super gloss, water spot resistance, and oxidation and corrosion resistance ensuring unparalleled protection.


Tesla Model X Paint Protection Film

XPEL Fusion

Unrivaled Gloss

XPEL FUSION PLUS™ ceramic coating provides a revolutionary paint protection solution that goes beyond expectations. It forms a powerful molecular bond that safeguards surfaces against contaminants, UV rays, and corrosive elements. Benefit from its exceptional hydrophobic properties, which make cleaning effortless while maintaining a flawless shine.

Chevrolet Corvette Paint Protection Film Michigan

Coating + PPF

Ultimate Paint Protection

Unlock the pinnacle of automotive protection and keep that showroom shine by having paint protection film installed and a ceramic coating applied over the entire vehicle. Experience the best defense for your paint with PPF and the transformative power of a ceramic coating, which creates a hydrophobic barrier repelling water, dirt, and grime while enhancing the gloss and brilliance of your vehicle’s paint.

Ceramic Coating Benefits

Ceramic Coatings add a sacrificial layer above your factory top coat. Not only do they enhance and protect the exterior paint of a vehicle, but ceramic coatings also protect and extend the life of the vehicle’s interior and exterior.  


Impenetrable Protection

Sophisticated Barrier Protection
Ceramic coatings deliver a diamond-hard shield, essentially creating a barrier between your car's paintwork and the outside world. It significantly reduces the impact of various detrimental factors, including road debris, harsh weather conditions, UV rays, bird droppings, and acidic rain.


Mirror-Like Shine

Showroom Shiny
If you've ever desired your car to reflect the world around it like a polished, moving mirror, ceramic coating is the key. It heightens the gloss and shine of your car's paint, giving it an elegant, 'just-out-of-the-showroom' appearance.


Self-Cleaning Effect

Hydrophobic Nature
Imagine if your car could maintain a level of cleanliness with minimal effort. The hydrophobic nature of ceramic coatings repels water and dust effectively.


Preservation of Resale Value

Retain Vehicle Value
Over time, the visual appeal of your car can degrade due to a combination of minor scratches, fading paint, and etching. However, a ceramic coating helps retain your vehicle's youthful charm, maintaining its resale value.


Interior & Exterior Protection

Coat Paint, Glass, Wheels, Plastics
Ceramic coatings can be applied to more than just paint - glass, wheels and plastics. Coatings bond with the surface they are applied to and create a sacfrificial layer of protection.

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Michigan PPF

PPF Coverage Options

1 PARTIAL FRONT tesla PPF isolated

Partial Front

2 FULL FRONT tesla PPF isolated

Full Front

3 FULL FRONT (PLUS) tesla PPF isolated

Track Pack

4 FULL WRAP tesla PPF isolated

Full Wrap

Chevrolet Camaro

Paint Protection Film

Tesla Model 3

Stealth PPF

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Stealth PPF

Chevrolet Camaro

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film & Ceramic coatings

The ultimate protection package

Combining Paint Protection Film (PPF) with a Ceramic Coating offers a winning combination of protection and enhanced aesthetics for your vehicle. PPF provides a physical barrier against scratches, rock chips, and other road debris, preserving the pristine condition of your paint. A Ceramic Coating adds an additional layer of chemical resistance, UV protection, and hydrophobic properties to keep your vehicle looking its best. Together, PPF and a Ceramic Coating create a comprehensive defense system, ensuring long-lasting paint protection and aesthetic enhancement. Experience the ultimate paint protection package for your vehicle by combining PPF with a Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Coatings FAQ

Frequent Asked Questions

Coating is carefully applied by certified applicator’s as a liquid one panel at a time covering the exterior painted surfaces. The paintwork is firstly decontaminated and prepared to ensure the coating achieves a good bond to the paintwork. In a case of paint correction and polishing is always discussed with client based on there budget and vision for the final outcome of this service.

We advise that every 12 months the vehicle is thoroughly decontaminated by the removal of any road tar, iron, tree sap and industrial fallout deposits that may have accumulated. Following that we will apply a maintenance coating to rejuvenate the ceramic coating and enhance its hydrophobic properties from normal wear and tear.

They are much more durable in almost every aspect of protection and visually appear to have a much higher gloss characteristic. Our products we use are only issued to auto spa facilities that are trained and know the product line inside and out.

Ceramic coatings need to cure for around 24-72 hours before being exposed to rain. Your car will need to be garaged overnight unless the weather forecast is for no rain.


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