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We work with all different avenues of custom building. From architecture firms, custom builders, general contractors and property managers, we come up with effective solutions to solve any issue. We are able to work around normal business hours to fit your project’s schedule and workplace traffic. We are an insured company and practice safe business practices.

Commercial Window Tint Film Options

Commercial window film options are diverse, designed to meet a broad range of needs, from energy efficiency to enhanced privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal.  Michigan Tinting works with all different avenues of custom building. From architecture firms, custom builders, general contractors and property managers, we come up with effective solutions to solve any issue. We are able to work around normal business hours to fit your project’s schedule and workplace traffic. We are an insured company and practice safe business practices. We offer free no cost consultations to discuss the options and instant benefits of commercial window film.
Commercial Window Tinting Michigan


Energy saving

Reflective window film is a potent solution for commercial buildings requiring complete privacy or light control. This film effectively controls glare on the windows, reducing incoming light. It is ideal for businesses that require glare and heat control during certain times, such as photographic studios, conference rooms for presentations, store front lobby or businesses with sensitive information that requires maximum privacy.

Architectural Window Tinting Michigan


Privacy Film

One-way mirror film, also known as reflective or privacy window film, is a valuable tool for commercial spaces. It allows clear view from the inside while presenting a mirror-like appearance from the outside, which not only maintains privacy, reduces heat and glare, but also adds a sleek, professional aesthetic.

Security Films Michigan

Safety & Security

Security Films

Safety and Security film enhances the resilience of windows and provide a discreet yet effective layer of protection for a business. These films are designed to hold glass in place upon impact, reducing the risk of injury from shattered glass. They’re beneficial for businesses in areas prone to natural disasters or for those seeking to deter break-ins. Some advanced security films also come with UV blocking capabilities, adding to their utility. 

Commercial Business Window Tint Michigan

Anti Graffiti

Anti Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti window film is an excellent investment for commercial spaces in Michigan that want to maintain a professional appearance while avoiding costly glass replacement due to vandalism. These clear, removable films act as a sacrificial layer on your windows, protecting them from scratches, etching, paint, and markers. When vandalized, the film can be quickly removed and replaced. Given the unpredictable Michigan weather, these films also offer the additional benefit of being highly durable and weather-resistant.

Heat Rejection Window Tint For Business

high heat

Solar Film

Solar control or sun control films are a popular choice, significantly reducing glare and heat while blocking out up to 99% of UV rays, contributing to better energy efficiency and employee comfort. They are designed to block out a significant portion of the sun’s heat, reducing the reliance on air conditioning systems and leading to considerable energy savings. Despite their heat control properties, these films still allow a good amount of natural light through, maintaining a bright and inviting environment.

Frosted Window


Frosted Films

Decorative window films for offices or commercial spaces are an affordable, versatile solution to enhance aesthetics and functionality. It can range from frosted or textured films that offer privacy, to custom designs featuring logos or artistic patterns that reinforce branding and elevate the workspace ambiance.

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Our focus on commercial window tinting has become a practical solution to cutting costs and improving comfort in your workplace environment, a must for any size business. Whether it’s cutting down on those cooling bills, adding an extra layer of security, or adding privacy and sleek aesthetics, you’ll be surprised at what a small investment in treating your windows will do for your business.

Benefits of installing commercial window tint

Commercial building window film is one of the largest growing trends, as more and more people move to conserving energy, protecting structures, protecting workers, and ultimately gaining a return on their investment.  Explore the many benefits window tint for commercial buildings offer. 


Energy Efficiency

Cost-Efficient Savings

Commercial window tinting reduces heat gain from sunlight, lowering the burden on cooling systems and leading to substantial energy savings. This results in lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint.


99% UV Protection

Drastically Reduce UV Damage

Window tint can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, which can lead to skin problems and fade interior furnishings - including flooring, carpet, drapery and interior belongings.


Privacy & Aesthetics

Privacy & Appearance

Tinted windows can enhance the privacy of a commercial space, particularly important for businesses dealing with sensitive information. They also improve the building's exterior appearance, providing a sleek, professional look.


Comfort & PRoductivity

Glare & Heat Reduction

By reducing glare and heat, window tinting creates a more comfortable work environment. This can lead to improved employee productivity and customer comfort.


Safety & Security

Additonal Protection

Certain types of window tint provide an additional layer of security. They make windows more resistant to breakage and, in case of impact, hold the glass together to prevent it from shattering, thereby reducing the risk of injury and deterring potential break-ins.

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Commercial Window Tinting Michigan

How To Get Started On Your Commercial Window Tint Project...

Michigan Tinting has been providing Michigan property owners qulaity window film solutions for many, many years. We’ve provided window tint and security film solutions to all types of businesses, from small retail stores to large industrial projects. We make getting started wasy!

Security Film FAQ

Frequent Asked Questions

Security window films are a cost-effective solution used to strengthen and enhance the safety of regular glass. This helps protect windows against smash and grab attacks, break-ins, vandalism, natural disasters, and even high-powered impacts like bombings.

Generally, security window film is applied on the exterior, but it can also be applied on the interior. Where the film is applied depends on the context and purpose. If you are looking for added protection you can even install it on both the interior and exterior.

Absolutely. Michigan Tinting has done many residential and commercial security window film installations. Security window film can be installed to both residential and commercial settings and is extremely beneficial. If you are interested in security film for your home, speak with a representative today or request a free quote!

You can install two layers of security window film on top of window film, but we don’t recommend it. If you install two layers of window film on top of each other the warranty is voided. If you are interested in added protection with benefits of solar film, you can install tinted security window film.

Yes! Security window film is removable. Window security film can be removed but isn’t easily removable in the sense that you need to worry about it falling off over time. If you are looking to have the window film removed, Michigan Tinting can remove any type of film.


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