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Glassparency – The Ultimate Glass Surface Treatment

Our glassparancy coating helps to repel water, dirt, snow ice and any other debris from sticking to your glass. This glass hydrophobic coating is a great addition to keeping your fresh tinted windows cleaner!


Where can we install this surface coating on?

We can install on any glass surface, including automotive, residential and commercial window surfaces.

Some of the most popular areas include: vehicle front windshields, rollup windows, marine windshields, glass shower enclosures, mirrors and granite countertops. Residential outside window surfaces coated make for easy cleaning with a simply spray of water.

Pricing is based on surface area that is covered.

The Instant Benefits of GlassParency

Glassparency is a type of glass treatment product designed to improve the performance and durability of glass surfaces. Once applied, it forms a hydrophobic (water-repelling) barrier on the glass, enhancing visibility, especially during inclement weather, and making cleaning easier.


Reduces glare

Decrease Reflective Light
Glassparancy decreases the amount of reflective light on your windows


Ultra Hydrophobic

Repels Water, Dirt, Grime
Ultra Hydropobic properties act as a surface water-repellent, causing water to bead up and easily roll off, rather than spreading out and wetting the surface.


Easy To Clean

Maintenance Made Easy
Creates an nvisible layer on the glass surface that prevents water, oil, dust, and other contaminants from adhering, making glass surfaces east ot clean.


Boost Glass Resilience

Enhanced Durability
Glassparancy enhances glass by protecting it and keeping it cleaner reducing the need for harsh chemicals.


Increased Clarity

Clear Views
Provides increased clarity allowing more natural light to pass through the glass, while reducing distortions,haziness, or any obstructions that might impede vision.


Easily Remove Snow & Ice

Weather Protection
Glassparancy provides added barrier protection from water, snow and ice. Michigan weather approved!

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