Huper Optik Film Supplies Glare and Heat Reduction

Window films have the power to serve many purposes for the benefit of your establishment, including glare and heat reduction. There are specific films that are great for privacy, while other films are more for branding purposes. Some films offer a more tangible result, with reduction in glare, solar heat, and solar radiation. The key is to meet with the experts, and go over the specific products that match the needs of your business. After a comprehensive consultation, our team will display the options that are available as a solution to your goals, budget, time constraints, and aesthetic. Choose from an assortment of designs that are effective, affordable, and long-lasting!

Recently our experts were called in to work with a very successful autobody shop that has been seeing expansion around the mid-North Michigan area. They were looking for a window film that would meet a specific need. This particular shop had a heavy rising sun, and it would blind the desk and customer area of the lobby. It would also create excess solar heat, leaving the lobby uncomfortable. It is the winter season, and you would think that heat this time of year would be beneficial. However, when we began our interior assessment we were uncomfortably hot in front of the windows. We went with Huper Optik’s Fusion 10% window film for a complete heat and glare control. Not only would this window film allow a solution to the solar ailments that the company face, but this was also a great fit with the aesthetic of the building’s interior and exterior. During installation, we already felt a change in the comfort level inside the lobby. The owners were pleased with the end result and happy for their investment of the Huper Optik Fusion 10% window film!

In the images below, you will notice the before and after pictures of the client’s establishment. It is obvious that after the window film installation, the facility had a whole new look. The window film afforded the company an extra measure of privacy when conducting business, as well. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to supply this much-needed product for the client!

We are a company that provides the highest standards of both service and products in the window film industry today. We utilize high-end Huper Optik window films, professional installation methods, and expert consultation services to ensure that your final window film package is a complete solution to your glass treatment needs. Do not just take our word for it! Come into our shop today, and see for yourself the advantages offered with high-quality custom window films. We look forward to starting you on your next custom film project!
Do you have any questions about the recent completion of the window film installation for the autobody shop in Oakland County? Would you like to hear about other products and services that we have available? Contact us today. We will get you started on the path to a custom window film package!

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